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Why Invest In You


Why Buy

You are likely going to get over $100,000 in BAH while here in Hawaii and you have to spend it somewhere, right? Whether you’re looking to avoid thousands of dollars ($5,000 on average) in deposits at a rental, want to have pets, don’t want to be restricted in what you can and can’t do to your own home, looking to pocket thousands of dollars while staying in TLA or you just want to spend your BAH as wisely as possible investing in yourself. Buying a home is always something to at least educate yourself on here in Hawaii. Get to know the market and the reasons why it’s smart to buy Hawaii!



VA Loan Process

Surprisingly enough the VA loan process is actually very simple

Most lenders just need a few moments and a couple of documents to get you pre-approved!

Getting pre-approved means the lender can let you know what interest rate you can get and most importantly what price point to shop within in order to keep your payment comfortable.


It's also important to note that during the loan process a VA appraisal is conducted to ensure that service members are not paying to much for the property they wish to purchase.


Did you know!?

You can use your VA loan as many times as you wish, NOT just once

Even if you currently have a VA loan you can get another without selling your current home

NO money down to buy a home vs THOUSANDS down to rent

What you need to get approved

Most resent LES

Current bank statement

Orders bringing you to Hawaii

Last 2 years taxes (just the federal return) and W-2's

Ages of all dependents

Addresses for the last 2 years (with month and year you lived there)

Date of birth

Once these documents are provided to the lender they will email you a form for electronic signature allowing them to pull your credit. I know regardless of your situation this can be the scary/stressful part but don't worry... I have lenders that can help you invest in a house to call home even if you have credit challenges past or present.


Clayton Atienza

HG Mortgage 

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Jack Williams

Edge Home Finance

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Jason Scott

Guaranteed Rate

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