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."The world as they knew it has been shattered by a cataclysmic split. Over a decade in the making, the post-apocalyptic tale takes an unforgettable look at the impact and aftermath of an event that's gone beyond the front page of the newspapers and been experienced by billions. Will the survivors be able to rebuild a world with the faith and hope of those who are about to lose their all? “The whole world was being destroyed. In the beginning there were three boys; they called themselves the Bulletproofs. They lived in an old farmhouse, which was fortified with an arsenal of weaponry. Their plan was to hold out, to survive and take revenge on the government, which had been responsible for the disaster.” The Bulletproof Boys follows the story of three brothers, who escape from a nuclear disaster and find themselves in a hostile, dangerous world. This is a story of survival, of war, of love, of patriotism, of friendship and of hope. The Bulletproof Boys is a thoughtful and brutal story of survival in a world where the government had been destroyed, and where, according to the leader of the Bulletproof Boys, “There was no justice left, no law, no law enforcement. No government. Nothing.” What would you do if your world had ended? What would you do if you were in charge? What would you do if you were a gun? These are the questions which are answered in this, the first part of the Bulletproof Boys trilogy. Here is an opportunity to win the first three Bulletproof Boys novels in one special bundle: There is only one way to live, to fight, to survive. The Bulletproof Boys are the ones who will do it. © 2011 Graphic Tongues Ltd. Milo: The ultimate action hero is a gun. Paddy: I never fight without a gun. Nick: The world is ours. They make their own rules. They live by the gun. They kill the bad guys. They are the Bulletproof Boys. Imagine a world where the government had been destroyed. Where the rule of law had ended and where the rule of the gun was the only way to live. Welcome to the Bulletproof Boys universe, where being a Bulletproof Boy means you believe in the power of guns, and are prepared to take on anyone who threatens the people of Britain.



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Accent Excel Password Recovery 790 Build 3431 Crack And Serial Number mancyb

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