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Learn more about your move, your housing options, and then island.

When traveling on military orders how many bags can I check?

Unless otherwise specified, 5 bags per person

Do we get reimbursed for our rental car?

No, unfortunately the military does not cover rental cars. You can put the cost on your government travel card but you will be responsible for paying that part of the balance off.

What do I do if all of my bags wont fit in my rental car when I arrive?

It feels like at least once a month my husband and I take his truck and head to the airport to grab bags and people to get them to the hotel (which we absolutely don't mind)! Ideally though if you think you will need assistance please let me know the day and time your flight lands so I can put it on my calendar.

Is 3 years long enough to make a profit owning a home here in Hawaii?

YES, YES, YES!! I can not stress this one enough! I can send along some examples showing you some actual dollar amounts my clients have made after only owning homes here for 3 years!! 

When do I start getting TLA, Hawaii BAH, and COLA?

This is an important one to understand…you don’t start getting any Hawaii related money (BAH, COLA, Per Diem, TLA) until you sign in. Once you sign in the service member will need to start in processing the following Monday (in processing only starts in Mondays so if you get here in the middle of the week they will have a few free days offJ) You CAN NOT come here on leave, sign in and stay on leave…once the service member signs in they will be expected to start in processing the following Monday. If you stay on leave and don’t sign in you will not be refunded for any expenses. 

How long does it take to close on a house?

I work with several fantastic lenders that can have you in your new home in as little as 30 days! Remember when buying a home, you get 60 days of TLA!

Will I have a hard time selling my house when I PCS?

The short answer is no, likely not. While “days on market” (the number of days it takes for a house to go under contract once for sale) does fluctuate it normally hovers between 14 and 30 days or less. 

Is solar energy popular in Hawaii?

YES, and becoming more so every day! Homes with solar panels (also called PV panels) are becoming more and more common and adding them really gives the resale value a nice bump!! There are many programs to include “Green Loans” which have 2 years NO PAYMENTS AND NO INTEREST making it very easy and affordable to get PV! In addition to this there are also tax benefits for adding PV to your new home! *I just got them on my house (November of 2018) and am happy to speak with you more about the process if you have any questions.   

Are interest rates too high to buy right now?

It’s not a secret that interest rates are higher now than they were 2 years ago, but what most people fail to realize is that today’s rates are still MUCH lower than what interest rates where when our parents were buying their first homes in the 80's and early 90's. My parents bought their first home in 1982 and paid 13% interest WITH good credit! wow, right!

What does “Leasehold” mean?

If a property is labeled as “leasehold” it means that you would not own the land the home sits on. You have to pay an additional lease for it.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

With military orders you only need to be 18 to rent a vehicle. Just be sure to bring the orders with you when you go to get the car.

Best Luau on island

What are some fun things to do here in Hawaii? 

Paradise Cove!!! I've been to several and this is BY FAR my favorite!

You are getting ready to come to one of the top vacation destinations in the US...take advantage of that! Some people save YEARS to come here!

Pearl Harbor, Koko Head hike, take an island tour, Dole Plantation, Kualoa Ranch, Ko'Olina Logoons, the sandbar, Island hopping and way more than I can list here!!! Get out and get to know paradise!!! 

For more information, contact our team!

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