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Finding Home

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Grant Jeffries


Aloha! I'm Grant Jeffries, a proud USMC and Army veteran turned Hawaii realtor, dedicated to helping families discover their dream homes and build enduring wealth through home ownership. My military background has honed my discipline and attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and informed real estate experience for my clients across Hawaii's diverse neighborhoods. Why Choose Me? With a deep understanding of Hawaii's real estate landscape and a passion for empowering families, I prioritize your unique needs. I believe in the transformative power of home ownership and am committed to helping you find your home. Let's embark on your real estate journey together.


Kendra Atienza


Kendra Atienza started Finding Home in 2017 in order to help military families get educated on housing options in Hawaii and realize the same personal and financial freedom she and her husband, Clayton have found over his 22 year military career as they bought and sold houses at multiple duty stations and invested in themselves using their tax free BAH instead of giving all that money back to the housing office or worse a landlord (paying someone else's mortgage). 


Kendra realized first hand during her own PCS to Hawaii that military families didn't pass on buying homes here because it's not a good investment (quite the opposite, the Hawaii market is one of the strongest in the US) they didn't buy homes simply due to lack of education and information about the Hawaii specific market and their VA entitlements overall. 


The bottom line is that military families simply don't buy because they think they can't or don't know she set out to change that one military family at a time. To date Finding Home has helped almost 500 military families (and counting!!) invest in themselves!


Sean Kase


Hi, I'm Sean! I am a prior service Army Officer for over eleven years, and a realtor located here on Oahu. I love being able to take my experiences gained moving around with the military and share them with other families to help them through their home buying process. There is nothing better than feeling settled in your own home and I love making that dream come true for my clients, and educating them on the incredible benefits home buying provides for long term financial wealth and independence. When I'm not out showing homes around the island, you can usually find me enjoying the beach with friends and taking full advantage of living in paradise. There's nothing quite like living in Hawaii, and I look forward to making that dream come true for you!

For more information, contact our team!


Leonard Markley


Leonard Markley is a retired Army Veteran with 21 years of service. I have a passion for helping military members and their families. The military will give you blocks of instruction on all sorts of things. They don't give you instruction on the VA loan, investing, and homeownership. I'm here to help with that. I would love to sit down with you and your family to discuss the comparative market analyst here in Hawaii and talk about which options are best for you and your family. whether it's living on post, renting, or buying a home. I will shed light on all the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision on your next adventure here in Hawaii. 

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