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Welcome to the Finding Home Family



Finding Home

For the last 15 years of her husband's military career Kendra and her husband, Clayton have bought and sold homes at multiple duty stations very quickly realizing that home ownership is, for so many reasons, unmatched and without question the ONLY way they would spend/invest their BAH moving forward. Never again would they allow for such a large pool of tax free money to go towards paying someone else's mortgage or worse, back to the government living on post, not when it was so easy to use the VA loan and buy something that was truly theirs to do with what they chose.

The bottom line is that military families simply don't buy (or at a minimum get educated on buying) because they think they can't or don't know how to get she has set out to change that one military family at a time. To date Finding Home has helped almost 500 military families (and counting!!) invest in themselves! 



Make your PCS move quick & easy!


PCS Less Stress

We’re here to make your PCS move quick and easy. Trust us! With over 20 years experience as military families we've picked up a few valuable tips and tricks along the way. Learning the ins and outs of any PCS move is stressful but Hawaii especially so. Don’t worry though, you’re not in it alone. Click below for your Dont Stress, Just PCS packet.


Our Listings

Whether you are looking to find a house to call home and need a data base that is actually up to date for house hunting or are ready to sell your property and cash in on your investment we are here to educate and guide you through the whole process.


Our Happy Clients


"Working with Kendra from start to finish was amazing, making the selling of our house a breeze. She got it sold FAST too!" 

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